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We are well recognized in the market for offering dyes that finds usage in Woodworking Industry. In the present day working, the use of dye in woodworking industry is a common practice. Right from finishing to remove stains, to toners which are applied for blending different species of wood and make unmatched colors appears uniform in same wood, dyes indeed have a widespread usage area in this industry.

Some of the other usages of dyes in woodworking include:
  • Getting added in coatings for making shading stains (Resulting in color and coating in one operation)
  • For preparing color touch ups
  • Used as a versatile colorant having capacity to improve & enhance finishing and restoration operations

Some of the most popular combinations of dye colors which have high usage in furniture sector include:
  • Red mahogany
  • Brown mahogany
  • Dark walnut
  • Medium walnut
  • Red maple
  • Golden oak

Die Varieties:
There are different dye varieties that find application in the furniture industry. These include:
Oil Dyes - As compared to others, oil dyeing is slow process. Though it allows more open time, but at the same time longer dry time is needed.
Alcohol and Lacquer Dyes - These dyes are similar to each other and have the capacity to dry exceptionally fast. This property makes them difficult to be applied by brush/wiping process. Giving best results when sprayed, these dyes can be applied to coatings as transparent shading stain. Further, these also do not raise wood's grain and generally solvents for these soluble are lacquer thinners and denatured alcohol.
Water type Dyes - These dyes display best clarity and are typically most transparent. Among dyes used in woodworking, these are the most colorfast. One factor which is to be considered here is that as these are solvent is water, the dyeing process is very slow. Unlike Alcohol & lacquer dyes, these are used to raise the grain of wood.
Powder Dyes - These can also be used with suitable thinners.

Other Parameters to be seen in Woodwork dyes:
Some of the other parameters that need to be seen before using a dye in a particular woodwork based application include:
Dye Color - Dye colors are very deceiving to eyes when these are applied. At times, both powder and liquid stain seems to appear as single color but after coating, colors look quite different.
Color strength of Dyes- These vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Keeping in mind the manufacturer's recommendation, please ensure what ratio of dye to solvent is right one.
Compatibility- In today’s market, there are a variety of dyes that are made available in market for application in woodwork field. Here, before going for the purchase, it is important to determine if the same is compatible when sealed with coatings. Further, it also needs to be seen if it can be added to coatings and used for making shading stains as well as what solvent is used to dissolve it and which solvent types fasten or slow down dry time.

Dyes or Pigments:
Dyes are good for doing touch ups on furniture as these have transparency and thus do not block out natural wood as pigmented colorants do if they are not thinned out. The plus point of pigment is that as compared to some finishes, pigmented colorants are better in matching opaque-colored finishes. Further, pigmented colorants also come up with white colors plus other color options that can be mixed from them. All in all, we can say that both dye and pigments have equal importance at their respective application/end usage areas.

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